Elegance has always been an asset in my life, even as a little girl. My parents always taught me to have a certain level of class, by being responsible, well-groomed, and to have a good sense of spirituality by knowing that there’s a greater power besides me. Style has been embedded in me ever since birth by both my mom and dad. Integrity plays a big part in elegance, by showing others it’s ok to “trust the designer”.

I’ve always had the desire to work in some sort of creative field. I started off wanting to be a cosmetologist, then a fashion stylist, which both lead me to interior design. I’ve always had the desire to beautify things, seeing the good in something that others have lost hope in.

My journey in design started with me doing work here and there for friends and family which then lead to the creation of my very own design firm. I started Elegance 2 A T, in 2017 and it has been evolving to greater pastures since then, from convertible studios to luxury estates. I’ve teamed up with other top designers, engineers, and architects to make what I’d like to call today, “Great”. Never would I have ever thought that things would have moved so quickly in my business venture, however I’m grateful enough to say, “It Has”.

No project is to big or small for me to take on, as long as there is a will, I’m willing to say, “I can”.

 – Tawanna Turner